C-Level Risk Management: The Power of the Right Risk Dashboard

Empirical and First Rate make the case for “PowerBoards”, which are concise, risk-metric dashboards that have been designed for C-Level executives who need powerful insight (not just more data) [...]

Justifying the Cost of a Complete Performance System

First RateFirst Rate exists to help wealth management companies grow and thrive as stewards of their clients’ investments. Our reporting solutions help financial firms create absolute [...]

Evaluating Performance of Alternative Investments

Investments in alternative investment strategies have grown significantly since the 1990’s as investors seek performance with higher return potential than available from traditional asset [...]

Which Return is Right for You? TWR vs MWR: Management Overview

There are two primary portfolio return measures available to investors to better evaluate investment success. This paper explains the use of time-weighted and money-weighted returns. Several [...]

Enhancing Risk Measurement In a Volatile Financial Market

First Rate provides risk metrics that support complete management and client performance presentations. The users of these risk metrics include investment professionals, consultants, and [...]

First Rate Risk Measures Provide Portfolio Appraisal & Comparative Analysis

This paper provides a description of a wide range of portfolio risk measures offered by First Rate. The development and use of these measures are explained and then demonstrated in a case study [...]

Risk Adjusted Performance Measurement Issues in a Bear Market

Bear markets require investment professionals to re-evaluate the methods used to assess risk-adjusted return measures, as excess returns would generally be negative in bear markets. In this white [...]

Understanding Total Portfolio and Portfolio Component Return Relationships

When there are significant cash flows resulting in intra-period component reallocations, the estimated weighted total portfolio return can differ significantly from the weighted average return. [...]

Mutual Fund Participant Performance Variance Factors

This paper reviews the key reasons why the actual performance received by mutual fund shareholders can differ from the published fund performance. In this white paper, you’ll find: Mutual [...]