Building a Learning Organization – Part 2

Continuing our Building a Learning Organization series, we look at Empowering Teams in Part 2. If you missed Part 1, visit here to catch up! Empowering Teams Empowered teams are about getting the [...]

Building a Learning Organization – Part 1

Have you ever been asked if your organization is a learning organization? Chances are probably not … most of the time learning is something put on the back-burner by organizations who are worried [...]

Becoming a Wealth Steward in Five Steps

The Wealth Management landscape is changing rapidly. Robo-advisors are interrupting the traditional business models with technology, regulatory bodies are looking to create a uniform fiduciary [...]

Controlling the Herd

The Chisholm Trail became known as the primary route for moving cattle out of Texas to the Kansas Rail-heads in the 1800s. It is estimated that between 1867 and 1872 3,000,000 head of cattle were [...]

Is Employee Engagement Important?

When we think about the concept of Employee Engagement, our first thoughts may lean towards happy employees with workplace perks, such as game rooms, coffee bars, gyms and on-site massages. Or, [...]

Picking a Trusted and Credible Provider From a Pool of Firms

Being a leading industry expert is something a lot of firms talk about in their marketing material. Words such as “industry leading”, “the authority in” or “the preferred solution” are terms [...]