Impact Investing: What’s the Hype About?

Impact Investing is one of the hottest buzzwords in the wealth management industry today. Gaining traction from investors that want to be financially and socially aware, this type of investment [...]

Five Trends in Investment Management from the CFA Annual Conference

Impact society by putting the client’s long-term objectives first. The new CFA Institute CEO Paul Smith made this point clear, making it the driving charge of the CFA Institute under his watch. [...]

Fintech Mergers and Acquisitions Meet Aesop’s Fables

Aesop’s fable of The Horse, Hunter and Stag: A quarrel had arisen between the Horse and the Stag, so the Horse came to a Hunter to ask his help to take revenge on the Stag. The Hunter agreed, but [...]

First Rate Lightning – Powerful Reporting in a Flash

The banking landscape in America has been dominated by large financial institutions over the last few decades. However, the community bank still plays an integral role in the fabric of [...]

Field of 37 Robo-Advisor Bracket Challenge

During my recent attendance of the semi-annual Tiburon CEO Summit in New York, I was able to not only take in a great deal of information and ideas but I was also able to find a television and [...]

What Do Stewardship and the Fiduciary Standard Have in Common?

First Rate was pleased to participate in last week’s Tiburon CEO Summit in New York. The event included close to three hundred CEOs, presidents and C-level executives within the financial [...]

Talking Dollars with Our Daughters

My mom was a bookkeeper in the 70’s and instilled the fundamentals of saving in her children starting at a young age. She reminded us over and over about the importance of putting aside a portion [...]

Client One Securities Chooses First Rate to Launch All-in-One Wealth Management Solution

April 8, 2015 – First Rate, a leading provider of wealth management and client reporting solutions for the financial services industry, today announced Client One Securities LLC, a full-service [...]

Five Things You Missed At the 2015 First Rate Conference

1. Goal-Based Reporting. Darrin Courtney from the CEB Tower Group presentation solidified that this is the #1 trend in client reporting. CEB research found that being able to show client progress [...]

Star Ratings vs. Expense Ratios: Which Is Better at Predicting Performance

If you had to pick, which do you think would better predict the future performance of mutual funds: (A) The Morningstar Star Rating (B) The expense ratio of the fund Most investors would likely [...]