5 Keys to Integration

A key element in the most recent T3 conference back in February in Dallas was integration. Now the process to integrate can be executed in multiple ways for a client reporting solution such as [...]

Be A Wealth Steward, Not A Wealth Manager

Most advisors have turned client reporting into “advisor reporting,” instead of communicating in terms of their own performance as an investment manager, how they compared to their peers, how [...]

This Fund Would Be Perfect For You!

“Check this fund out. It would be perfect for you and your personal portfolio.” This is the kind of statement that makes an individual investor feel all warm and happy.  It shows that the [...]

What Makes a Technology Company’s President Smile?

Leaving a technology showcase for your specific industry knowing that your company is on the leading edge of the three key focuses during the event. I know I felt great at the conclusion of the [...]

Wealthfront Is No Charles Schwab, Yet!

“Wealthfront reached its first $1 billion in assets in less than half the time it took Schwab. We hope that by focusing on Millennials the way Schwab focused on Baby Boomers, we can continue our [...]