Not Your Father’s CRM

Most financial advisors share similar goals and objectives. Most of these goals center around two purposes: attracting new clients and ensuring that existing clients are happy. More times than [...]

Down! Set! Advise!

I am not, nor have I ever been a professional athlete.  I am not sure how or what I would have done had I been handed a multi-million dollar bonus check for making a decision to leave college [...]

The Changing Face of Robo-Advisors

“You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve.” Mark Benioff, Founder & CEO, The success of many firms that are now household names [...]

Stewardship vs. Management: How are you handling your client’s assets?

More times than not, I found that firms highlighted their investment skills and focused on their winning track record to try and gain my business; I could be another valued statistic. The [...]

Employee Spotlight: Jeanne Benson

Jeanne Benson, Service Bureau 1. Tell us a little bit about the First Rate side of Jeanne Benson. Really my history with First Rate started in March of 1983, long before First Rate was founded, [...]

Uniform Fiduciary Standard Ignites Fierce Debate: Two Camps and Countless Fundamental Questions – Part 1

Raging in the financial services industry today is a fiery debate over whether investment advisers and broker-dealers (BD’s) should be held to a uniform fiduciary standard and what that standard [...]

The Hidden Impact of Taxes on Investment Returns

If you are not a weekly reader of Jason Zweig’s “The Intelligent Investor” column in the Wall Street Journal, you need to be.  In last week’s article, When Funds Insult Their Investors, Jason [...]

Who is To Blame for Investment Manager Failures?

Ron Surz( President & CEO, PPCA Inc. )Ron Surz is President and CEO of PPCA Inc and its Target Date Solutions subsidiary. Both are in San Clemente, CA. Ron is a performance evaluation veteran who [...]