First Rate Provides User Friendly Reporting Tool for Trust Bank

Client Situation

With the firm’s old reporting method, developing new reports or making changes to an existing report format was very costly and time consuming.  

Client Challenges

In order for the firm to develop a new report or make any cosmetic changes, they had to go through a cycle of specification, proposal, development and roll-out. The process became too difficult for the firm to meet their clients’ requests in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  

What the Client Wanted

The firm wanted to have a reporting tool that would allow them to easily design branded reports and make modifications as they needed, without having to go through an extensive process.  

What First Rate Provided

First Rate provided a system that gives the firm access to a broad base of client schedules and a user-friendly tool for branding and customizing reports, allowing the firm to create or modify reports easily and efficiently.  

The Impact

The firm now has access to more than 80 client reports with the ability to integrate seamlessly with other corporate reporting formats. With this added support, they now have the ability to use their time and resources more effectively in other areas of their business.