First Rate Provides Trust Bank with Real-time Branded Reporting

Client Situation

Investment managers were not able to have on-demand access to statements reflecting the latest investment activity.

Client Challenges

The firm’s downstream reporting system required an overnight cycle in order to reflect current investment activity processed on their performance system. Providing a current boardroom quality client statement was not possible because last minute data corrections were not reflected prior to client meetings.

What the Client Wanted

The firm desired compatibly-branded reports from the system of record that could replace those from the reporting system that did not reflect real-time data changes.

What First Rate Provided

First Rate provided compatible branding using its OnPoint reporting solution. First Rate’s product suite uses the same integrated database, allowing the firm to generate OnPoint reports within First Rate’s suite of products utilizing the latest updated data.

The Impact

Whether the data correction is demographic of performance related, changes can now be made and current investor reports generated in minutes. OnPoint’s flexible branding allows these reports to integrate into the downstream reporting system’s reports for a professional presentation. Investment managers have confidence in the accuracy of the investment information presented.