First Rate Creates Custom Reporting Solution for Large Trust Bank

Client Situation

The trust bank’s performance team could not provide their clients with a uniform reporting package when combining data from different systems. 

Client Challenges

Currently the performance team manually creates reports that display the hierarchy of investments to match other reporting.  

What the Client Wanted

The client needs a solution that permits all accounts to use a report that doesn’t require manual intervention and reflects their hierarchy of assets.  

What First Rate Provided

First Rate Professional Services, which offers flexible reporting solutions to meet the requests of the clients’ needs. The team is able to provide system expertise to create custom holdings reports and additional user requests in a timely and efficient manner.  

The Impact

The bank will be able to provide a more uniformed report package and provide greater clarity to their customers explaining to clients their full investment story in a uniform way. In addition, in-house personnel are freed up to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and reduced time spent on manually creating reports.