The fee billing system for wealth managers who want to achieve more for their firm and clients

Manage billing complexity effectively, quickly and securely with one smart solution.

Key features

Easy Client & Account Setup

Easily import client account data from your wealth management, CRM or current fee billing system using First Rate’s simple fee parameter template. Assign fee schedules, set individual and grouped account billing, and benefit from billing support across custodians.

Powerful Billing Parameters

Select from quarterly, monthly, or annual billing cycles in advance or arrears. Set household relationships to calculate fees using tiered, banded flat percent or flat dollar schedules by total AUM and/or asset class and/or individual holdings.

Reusable Fee Structure Templates

Create default fee calculation templates for new accounts and for billing of new assets globally or by advisor. No need to re-enter saved billing parameters, as historical billing information period over period is retained.

Personalized Invoices

Instantly generate and export branded invoices and debit files for custodians. Automatically generated invoicing with customized visuals and language help resolve distribution challenges and create more impact.

Asset Exclusions & Fee Adjustments

Exclude individual assets or asset class(s) and/or contributions and withdrawals from fee calculations. Input exceptions and make custom fee adjustments to invoices as needed.

Audits & Review

Leverage fee reporting and management analytics (such as advisor AUM/Bps comparisons or household AUM and Bps analysis) to support transparency, business intelligence and insights on firm profitability.

Built-in Bank-Grade Security

Maintain peace of mind about data security from using our SOC2 certified hosting platform that secures your database and client information with industry based AES 256-encryption over SSL, automatic backups, session time-outs, and user activity audit trails.

Specialized Instant Support

Derive maximum business value from Fee Manager and get answers to your questions by engaging with our live agents and support team specialized in servicing wealth management firms.