"Of the 5,000 accounts that First Rate processes, 95 percent of the portfolios are completed by the fifth business day and the remainder, including aggregates, are typically completed by the seventh business day."

- Investment Coordinator, Trust Bank

"First Rate strives to be a partner with our firm and are the people we can count on to give us a strategic advantage."

- Trust Office, Trust Bank

"As the industry accepts that more clients judge the success of their portfolios based on their life goals as opposed to just benchmarks, firms will need to adjust the way they demonstrate values."

- Research Director, CEB TowerGroup

"First Rate proved to have a differentiated level of experience, system reliability, and capabilities. In addition to a powerful calculation engine, the technology eliminates numerous manual processes and provides a more streamlined workflow."

- Director of Operations, Trust Bank

"First Rate has dedicated employees with vast experience in the performance business, focused on customer service and accompanied by a system that is very proficient at producing accurate results."

- Vice President, Large Trust Institution

"It was beneficial to move to a variety of reports and have the ability to audit, manage and produce reports for not only the clients but for management. It is a tremendous improvement from what we had."

- Investment Coordinator, Trust Bank