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A Comprehensive and Robust CRM and Client Reporting Platform

ARKONSM is a game-changer designed to help you ‘Rule Your World’. It’s the definitive family of products combining CRM, investment performance measurement, client reporting, fee management, account data aggregation and portfolio monitoring on a single platform.

ARKON solves for the complexities, inconsistencies, inefficiencies and gaps in wealth CRM and reporting platforms today. It connects, integrates and stores client information in a unified and secure platform, allowing wealth advisors to manage workflows, support client relationships and monitor investment performance in a smarter, simpler way.

ARKON is designed to streamline efforts, deepen advisor relationships with individual investors and enhance profitability for financial institutions. It has multifaceted capabilities:

  • CRM functions help you master your workflow, optimize client relationships and better manage your business.
  • Client Reporting enables you to access and generate firm-branded reports, monitor real-time investment performance, leverage benchmark and data services, facilitate attribution analysis, and build on-demand client presentations.
  • Data Aggregation facilitates gathering client wealth account information from various sources to provide a clear, more complete and updated account wealth information to support better wealth prospecting and more complete planning discussions.
  • Fee Management reduces your fee billing processing cycle, improves your firm’s cash flow through automation, and streamlines invoice  management.
  • Client Portal offers your clients a holistic view of their wealth and serves as a communication tool to keep them connected to your services and special updates.
  • Portfolio Supervision facilitates compliance with complex and ever-changing regulatory requirements by providing automated portfolio  surveillance, comparison of target vs. actual asset allocation, and identification of performance outliers. Being componetized – CRM, fee management and client reporting – are also available as standalone components via First Rate’s ARKON CRM, Fee Manager software and LightningSM solution sets.