Rob Bethmann

General Manager, Service Bureau

Rob Bethmann joined First Rate as the firm’s 10th employee in 1998. He has served in multiple business units in the company and currently serves as a Director and General Manager in First Rate’s Service Bureau. In this role Bethmann manages a staff of analysts and focuses on the delivery of our outsourced offering as well as growing the business in the future. Bethmann has also been overseeing a team in Hyderabad, India since late in 2013. Since then he has made 4 trips to the India office and has been increasingly excited about that team’s ability to contribute to First Rate and First Rate’s ability to contribute to the team there and to the local community.

Prior to joining Service Bureau in 2011 Bethmann spent 8 years in Professional Services. While in Professional Services Bethmann managed a group of developers and also led the Business Analysis efforts. He enjoyed providing technical solutions and liked the dynamic environment but was ready in 2011 to take on more client interaction and the Client Service Manager role was a great fit.

Bethmann graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington where he studied Finance.